Social Distancing And Other New Expressions

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In these uncertain times of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, a new expression has been born- Social Distancing,

I never heard of the wording before and it means keep a distance between you and another person as to not be in contact with the airborne virus. Two meters has been the recommended distance.

To have a little fun and give a chuckle in a serious situation, I thought this photo of the squirrel twins showing a social distancing from each other, as they each munch on a nut, would fill the bill.


Earlier the little red squirrels were chattering at each other. Neme, the aggressor, was chasing Tiny trying to keep her away from the area. Tiny is the friendly one and she comes up to me each morning when I step outside.

Along with the coronavirus disease 2019 being newly called COVID-19, there are other words such as lockdown, super-spreader and national emergency being used daily. Politicians are on TV telling folks to stay home- hunker down.

More words I’ve heard recently such as, super-spreading, self-isolating and self-quarantine could be added to the list of changes in our vocabulary brought about by the rapid onset of COVID-19.

The weekly newspaper had some good information about the signs to watch for and to protect yourself in regard to the virus.

A photo of the newspaper page.


I don’t know how long this self-isolating is required but there are creative ways to enjoy the quiet time. My way is doing some chores Ive been putting off - cleaning out closets and getting used clothes ready to donate to the second-hand stores once the lockdown is lifted. I wanted to have a yard sale and now is the time to go through the house and gather and price items for a sale.

💞 Stay safe and keep happy 🌺


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I think we are being asked to do it until at least April 7th. I won't be shocked it turns out to be longer though.

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