Roads, Rocks And Potatoes

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There’s not a lot of mountains in my area of P.E.I. and I have to keep an eye peeled to see anything resembling one.

The road running by my house has a few hills but not really mountainous.


Another mountainous road in springtime where a farmer was taking a truckload of potatoes from storage.

Hubby and I were driving home in a vehicle behind him. Every time the truck went over a bump potatoes would fly off the back and hit the pavement. We had to keep back so the flying potatoes wouldn’t hit the car.


If I had a container with me and dared to step out on the road, I could have collected enough potatoes (some already mashed) to do for a good long time. :)

A mountain of rocks in wintertime with the water turning to ice as it freezes.


Ice Teeth forming from the flowing water.


A mountain of rock in summer.


Another rock mountain and rear- view photo.


My entry for the #mountainmonday challenge hosted by @shasta

All photos and text by @redheadpei


Animated Banner Created By @zord189



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Thanks @innerblocks! Much appreciated.

Free potatoes!! LOL
Nice photos and post!!

Haha. It’s not everyday that potatoes fly at you as you drive along.

Thanks for stopping by @rynow.

Oh I love the mountain of rock @redheadpei! :-)
Such a beautiful area you live in! Yumm look at all those potatoes! lol
Big or small no matter how tall they are very lovely mountains!

Thanks @shasta! I’m happy you liked them. I keep watching for mountains. 😊

Howdy redheadpei! I'm surprised that potato truck didn't have a tarp or something to hold in the potatoes! Great photos of the rock formations along that road.

That’s a good point Cowboy. Usually there is a tarp over something like that. I guess the driver didn’t have one or was in a hurry.

I’m glad you liked the rock formations. 😊

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