Monday Morning Shadows

in GEMS7 months ago (edited)

Even though there is still a lot of snow on the grounds, the sun was shining brightly this morning. I went outside to see what shadows I could capture.

The detail on the shingles of the design on the table that sits on the back deck .


The railing shadows with a strong sunny morning.


The trees leave their shadows on the snow.


I tried to capture a shadow of Tiny, the friendly red squirrel, as he enjoys his cashew this morning but he wasn’t moving to were the sun would make a nice shadow.


Photos taken with iPad Air

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Check @melinda010100’s post for more info on shadow hunters.

Stay safe everyone with this COVID-19 virus pandemic sweeping into every country

❤️ ❤️ ❤️


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Fantastic shadow photos, Jo! I would not have been able to pick which one you should enter, because they are all great! Even without a shadow, I always love seeing Tiny! ❤️

Hi Melinda. I was entering the first photo (shadow of the design of the table). Tiny likes to get in the photos. 😂 💞

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