Caturday Morning

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Happy Caturday !

My two cats, Red and Sunday, are spending Saturday morning looking out the kitchen window to see what Tiny, the little red squirrel, is doing.


Red knows he is not suppose to be on the table. He gets so entranced with seeing Tiny that he doesn’t care about house rules.

”There’s the little rodent. he’s faster than a speeding bullet but I could catch him if I was let out of the house. Fat chance of that happening when my mummy likes that vermin!


Tiny knows she is safe from the cats and is enjoying a cashew as the cats drool as they watch her.


”1-2-3 ready-get set. Catch me if you can Kitty Cats!


And so ends another Caturday at my house....

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Great shots, girl. Especially I like the one where you see Sunday looking out at Tiny. Great capture !!

Thanks Rob. I’m happy you like he photo. 😊 🐿

Happy Caturday Jo!! Tiny is such a cutie and a tease too.I think she is loving the attention from Sunday and 😺 ❤️

Hi Dee! Tiny does enjoy teasing the cats. He’s a little rascal. 😊 🐿

A very cute morning

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work

Thanks so much @appreciator. Your support is appreciated. 😊 🐱 🐿

Haha! always so good entertainment with those guys, well done!

Thanks Cowboy! They keep me busy and give me a few laughs along the way. 🐱 🐿 😊

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