spring in the air (macro)

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On weekend I did a little walk across my local yard ... or better say, a fast rush out to the grocery shop. I decided I can kill a few hares at once, so I borrowed with me a few lens and shoot the spring's coming signs, i.e. the buds -- the thing I awaited for the whole damn last year! (in 2019 I lost it completely, I made only one take, and I made it wrong and didnt share it).

At least I have a young sprout of a chestnut tree in my neightbourhood, I pass it by each time I go to the grocery. The sprout is apparently 1 meter high, and it has a really gigantic buds -- which benefits greatly for getting a good macro shots (the size matters!). also, they are located quite low, and I'm easily getting different backgrounds, just as I slightly change the angle of the shoot. No tripod was used.

So, these are chestnut's buds ready to open.

Do click to examine it in hi-res.








Oh, and I could not to post these -- the 1st dandellions of 2020 I have met! In a strange place... but -- have to admit -- a very warm and sunny one!!

IMG_9275w  no shared.jpg


the spring is really in the air; we just need more sunny warm days here. I see wild cats returning to the streets again -- during this walk I noticed 5 different cats just at one yard! three of them posed me volunteerily -- especially since I was using 150-mm. this one was sitting quietly on the lawn and sniffed, sniffed, sniffed the air with this completely dumb look!




taken with Canon 5D +Sigma 150mm
location: St.Petersburg, Russia


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