Mango cheesecake without gelatin, low carb or not?

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Of you have seen my post yesterday, I shared a sneak peek of what was happening in my kitchen.

And this is the finished product, so today was a glorious day for me to finally taste it!


The crust is made from coconut flour and melted butter, kind of a graham crust pie. Looking good already, right?


Well, I just didn't want this to be visually appealing but I also wanted this to be enjoyable!

Now, take note, I never worked with coconut flour before. I was just overhyped of some low carb and keto flour substitute. The thing with coconut flour, it can only be keto if you a very small amount.

I always look at the nutritional value whenever I have a product comes in a package, 2 tablespoons of coconut flour have 8.24g of carbs, supposed you should only be using that much flour but I ended up using 8 tablespoons because I could get the right consistency and I wanted to make enough mixture for the crust.


I chose to add cream cheese, mixed some heavy cream for the filling. This is my first time using cream cheese in my recipes. I usually just spoon it on a cracker for snack or in a piece of bread. Cream cheese is quite pricey where I live so, I try not to use it for cooking or baking because you need a good amount so you can taste it in your food.



First I used just 2 oz of the cream cheese but it wasnt enough to make two layers so I made another batch using 1 oz and about two tablespoons of heavy cream.

In the Philippines we have a very popular mango cake called mango graham float, and I thought of making it instead but I would have to use condensed milk which has a lot of carbs so I decided to go for a cheesecake without using any gelatin.



I know my mangoes are looks pathetic, lol. No worries, this is just a trial and error, we'll have to see how this turns out.


What I was mostly afraid of was if the crust won't stick together as well as the cream cheese-heavy cream mixture. So, I had to make sure I chill it at least 3- four hours before eating it. It just so happened that my fasting started and I had to wait the next day, which is today, to eat it. 😁


I noticed there's not much color to my dessert so I decided to shred some gram crackers on top, I only use 1 graham cracker and I didn't use any coconut sugar because I forgot about it, haha.

The moment of truth! Time to taste our finished product!


Flavorwise, I think don't like too much coconut flour flavor. The crust could be less thick, maybe that would have tasted better. I am not sure how others enjoy the taste of too much coconut flour especially in baking, because, ugh it can really over power the whole dish.

Texture was missing, but this is supposed to be low carb and mango has natural sugar, sugar is carb. Can you think of any substitute low carb to add texture to this dessert?

On a brighter side, the cream cheese and heavy cream mixture was a success and oh boy, that was my favorite part of this dessert and those slices of mango.


So, next time I make this, I'll have to use a less coconut flour for the crust, that would mean that the crust will be thin.

Anyhow, it was a fun experiment and I will definitely be making this again once my other mangoes get ripe and I'll share you more photos of it!

Thank you for reading!

So do you think this dessert is low carb or not?


That's another great option too! :) <3
Sarrap ba? haha

Low carb desert is appreciated and you make it perfectly except coconut flour, have good taste on it!

I love low carbs deserts

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