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Today I have understood something actually I have noticed. Many of you might know that I am very active in other social media platforms, either as an audience, a stalker or as a creator. It doesn't matter what I am doing as long as I am free to do whatever I like to do. Many people take Stalker term negatively, in fact, the meaning of Stalker can be negative but Insta stalker has a different meaning. You can check someone's feed silently and just can see what they are doing.

Summer is here and people are enjoying the summer. The most shocking fact is whenever you scroll the feed of social media, you will just see happiness, smile, and how people are enjoying summer. Well, I guess after lockdown, people are trying to show themselves normal and happy. Many will say, social media is full of lies, fake. I don't deny that because people only show/share their best work.

Obviously I have noticed how people are promoting their small businesses, showcasing their complicated creations. There is something to learn from them, maybe their business is not doing well but they are still promoting their projects. I admire their works and appreciate their courage. They are still trying their best to keep running their business.

The entire observation taught me something. It's "Hope", whatever the situation is, Hope keeps us alive and provide courage to move forward.


Recently, I started watching America's Got Talent. I really like to watch reality shows competition. I used to watch Masterchef, Tattoo master, Indian Idol, and many more. The reason is very simple, I love to watch the talents of people and like to hear their stories. But my first priority is to see their talents. There are many talented people in this world and according to them, I am nothing, to be honest. But the most shocking talent according to me is "The Mentalist"... I am learning about them, their intuition, prediction, and tricks. Not only they play with psychology but also they do tricks to shock people. Even I came to know that for a one-act showcase, they started planning the entire concept for 2 years.

Everything needs time in fact when we start doing a building design, it almost takes 6 months. From the concept to the final design, the time needed. But nowadays clients are different, they just take a picture from the internet and tell us that they want this for their home. Some clients are really tough to handle, they are stubborn and they just want to impose an internet picture into their home. Anyway, if an architect wants to do business, sometimes creativity doesn't matter if his client doesn't understand creativity...


I still believe that creativity exists, talent exists and one day they will be rewarded. That's why still talented people believe in Hope, creative people never go behind and always move forward. Whatever happening around you doesn't matter as long as you are strong and hope for the best...

You can be in pain, you can be in the worst situation but you keep smiling and hoping for the best thinking not all days are worst... There will be good days too and you are waiting for those good days...

Just like after a deep dark night there will be always sunshine and brightness...

Just wait for the right time...


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