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For a couple of weeks, I was feeling very nostalgic, I was thinking about my undergraduate life, first job as a product designer, salary, and many more. It's been 7 years since I have been graduated in architecture. I was happy and was ready to start my career as an architect and I did. I still remember the panic and stress which I was having while giving the first interview. It was nerve shaking moment and I was nervous too...

So today, I have decided to share my first job experience and the project which I was part of...


A picturesque perspective of Panigram resort

Panigram Resort :

I have started my career 7 years ago as a product designer at Panigram Resort...

The first job location was at Jessore, suburban area of Bangladesh, Khulna district. It was a project by an American client, She was an employee of the USA embassy and this was a collab project. The initial concept was created by Kristen Bekoff and later she Hired one of the famous Bangladeshi architects Marina Tabassum. The main investor was Bay Developments Ltd, Kristen herself, and another Indian group...

Kristen's concept was to create a high-class resort with 5-star facilities. It was very similar to eco-village, made of indigenous materials. Many foreigners come to Bangladesh every year to explore Bangladesh so she wanted to show everyone the real Bangladesh with 5-star comforts.




Interior and exterior of Cottages, Panigram resort

Now, what was my role exactly?

The main architectural and structure part was handled by Architect Marina Tabassum and her team. But for the interior part, Kisten hired a famous interior designer who was also the Head designer of Aarong (famous Bangladeshi Brand) and I was the assistant of the interior designer. The Interior design layout was drawn by Marina but as a product designer, we were part of Interior as well.

Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the designer...

So, my job was to work on interior products, design, and work with indigenous people...So, most of the time I was staying in the village but the facility I got was great. I worked with people as a site product designer and was co-ordinator as well.

The Interior concept was traditional and most of the products were handmade. It was the first time, I saw how to make baskets with straws, how to make clay dolls, and How potter does pottery. I have gathered the experience to work with village people directly and saw how these handmade products can be made...




Interior and exterior of Cottages, Panigram resort

Every furniture was custom made as well as products. We ordered all custom made fabrics as well from Jessore and Sylhet.

The exterior wall of all cottages was made of clay. There were around 46 cottages including dining spaces. Cottages were divided into 3 categories and 5 zones. The entire area was around 47 Hector and we had a place with vegetation and water bodies as well. The site was located beside Kopotakkho River so the location was very beautiful.




Structural and interior the cottages, Panigram resort

The structure of the cottages was very interesting, the structure of the roof was wooden framing structure and Golpata (indigenous material). Also, on some portion, we used glass and bamboo but for pole we used wood. The main door of each cottage was custom made and was specially crafted.

The main structure of the wall was bricks but a certain ratio and instead of plaster we used clay for the structure. The walls were 18 inches in thickness. Because of clay, the entire interior remains cold during the hot season because clay works as an insulator.

But these clay walls need to be maintained so every month village women used to come and put an extra layer of clay to avoid crack, damage to the walls.


Semi shaded area of a cottage, Panigram resort

In front of the rooms, there was an outdoor area to enjoy the beauty of the village...In the picture, you can also see clay dolls made by village potters. Also, you can see the sitting arrangements...





Samples of Nakshi Katha, Jessore

Nakshi Kantha :

Nakshi Kantha is an embroidery quilt made by Bangladeshi women. Women used to make the quilt for their home in their leisure time and later it became famous worldwide. Jessore is really famous for Nakshi Kantha, still, women do this embroidery and now it became part of their living. Nowadays nakshi Khantha quilt, bedsheet, pillow cover, the canvas is available but mostly available in Bangladesh.

The colorful eye-catching pattern, stitch made it popular and you will be able to see the reality of Bangladeshi village scenario in Nakshi Kantha. Initially, they were produced only for the family but later it became commercial as I have mentioned. It's a traditional running stitch which made of love and imagination.




Samples of Nakshi Kantha, Jessore

I have collected these samples for product designs and to order pillow cover, tablecloths, quilt, and many more purposes. I have also seen how women make Nakshi Kantha. It was a nice experience and I really feel proud that I have seen and experienced the entire journey in person. If you want to buy, you can order on any Bangladeshi shop online especially Aarong but I have seen the hard work and reality of Nakshi Kantha. It takes almost 3-4 months minimum to finish a Nakshi Kantha Quilt but depends on the design of course.

I worked for Panigram resort for 1 year as a product designer and gathered some experiences. Later, the project was stopped somehow because of finance and I had to find another job. I have heard that in 2015, Bay Ltd started this project again but I was not part of the project anymore.

But the experience I have gathered was one of the best and meaningful experiences of my life...


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