How to create a nice Blog post, How I started my Blogging Journey - For Beginners (Part-1)

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Many people ask me to describe my blogging journey especially how I come up with the topics and how I write my blog posts. I am not an expert, I still consider myself a beginner or intermediate as I am still learning. There are excellent writers, bloggers out there and if I compare myself with them, I am just nothing.

Even I never consider myself a writer though I call myself a lifestyle blogger because I love to capture pictures and write about many things about life...

Today I have decided to share my journey and some tips to newbies to start their blogging journey or how they can improve themselves...

I think I will make a series where I will explain every single topic and how I write posts...


Today I will write for the newbies those who are thinking about "how to write their first post, how to represent them". To be honest, it was not so easy when I wrote my first post, I was scared and concerned about what should I write, how to start. It's normal because you are going to write your first post...

Also, I think the first post should be attractive, something which represents you. You can stay anonymous, it doesn't matter as long as you know how you gonna represent yourself. After all, your target should be how to reach your audience's mind and how they will feel after reading your post.

But here is the thing, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to build your followers through your first post. This is completely high expectation and 90% time doesn't work.

You have to be consistent and focus on yourself. Just keep in mind that every day you are learning and developing yourself. If you expect rewards by posting 1-2 posts, I will say blogging is not for you. Better try something else...



Every day every content creators spend hours and hours thinking about what type of content they will write to get some exposure... Well, if you take this entire journey as a passion and learning experience, I think you will do well.

What I did?

When I wrote my first post, I had no idea what I am doing, how I will represent myself so I started my journey writing about myself. Gradually I started writing about me, my life journey, and my thoughts. I tried to explore many topics but ended up writing about life as I am comfortable talking about life. I relate my thoughts and life and represent it through writing. Sometimes I am out of topic, sometimes I become blank or puzzle and I struggle but it happens, no need to worry about that because it's a simple matter...

For Beginners:

  • It's better to start your journey writing about yourself, that's why I always suggest writing Introduction Post so that people will know who you are and what will be your niche.
  • Try to find your niche, it's not easy I know but consistency will help you find your niche. Trust me, it will work.
  • Write things which you are comfortable with, do not copy and paste others' work. Take inspiration and write your own thoughts. For example, if you choose to write about An Apple, there will be some basic sentences. I mean you can't change the apple right because it is apple but write about it using your own words.
  • Read other blogger's posts and try to understand how they are writing and how they are representing their topics.
  • Try to make your own style, it will not happen in one day, you have to write a lot of posts.
  • You have to break the monotony, some people don't like reading 1000 words or boring posts.
  • Your words will depend on the topic you are choosing. Just try to be focused and express your words.
  • I am not a skeptical person, I rather follow my own words.
  • Consistency is the key, remember that...
  • Use of Markdown, it will boost your post and will make it nice to look at. Also, highlights some points which you think readers should notice.
  • Use the necessary pictures, footers. Of course you can use your own photographs or use photographs from free websites using source.
  • Be positive and prepare yourself for the long run.
  • Try to maintain a schedule and prepare some words in your mind for your topic before writing. Then go with the flow...
  • Tags are important, use appropriate tags and share your post into the different social platforms to get exposure.


Today is just a beginning, I will write more guideposts where I will explain elaborately and show you step by step what I have learned so far. My next post will be mark-down and how I represent my posts.

Again I am saying, I am not an expert, I don't know everything but I will share what I have learned so far. I think it will help beginners to not feeling lost and start their blogging journey.

My next post will be on Markdown and how to write a Photography post...


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