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Daily Walking is good for health at least for me. When I was in my country, my doctor prescribed me 40 minutes walk at least though it was tough at that time. Walk-in Dhaka city is completely impossible at least for me because it's really a congested city. No proper walkways, no neighborhood parks, and playgrounds plus it's a city of concrete.

We have a nice park in Dhaka but it's far away from my home. But after coming here in Kharkiv, Ukraine, I decided to build some healthy habits. I am not a very health-conscious girl but I try to maintain some healthy habits for my mind and body...

Every day 30-60 minutes walk is part of my healthy initiatives...


I have shared many pictures that I have captured while walking. I live in a small studio apartment so I go out for fresh air. Not only I explore the beautiful environment of my area, but also it's really good for my health as well. Staying at home is kind of boring, plus I need body movement also. Because you have no idea how small my apartment is...

Also, I love to explore new things, love to enjoy nice weather. I am not a poetic person, but I do love poems and listening to music.

To be honest, if you go out, you will find connection with nature, receive and perceive.




Because of spring, bushes are getting larger, the location is behind my apartment building area, kinda abandoned. Actually nobody goes there if not necessary. It was dry before, just like a dead place. Now it's green and eye-soothing.

Nature always provides us some presents, believe it or not, but if you observe you will realize that the air you are breathing, the body with which you perceive the world is part of nature. It took me a long time to understand that my body is part of nature, it's not only an art, but it's also a present.

You can hear, see, feel, and breathe and that all part of your sense. You can see the beauty, hear the silence, feel the components, and breathe fresh air. Your attention towards something gives you pleasure, your observation and investigation make you curious to explore more and going to the deep.




I found some wild rose bushes, pretty interesting to see how they are growing so far. Also, these roses don't have any smell but they are roses. Shapes are different, small but really nice to look at...

The more you look, the more you see. Your observation power will increase and helps you to go to the details. You will create images into your mind and new layers will create which will help you to see the world in a different way. Slowly rich details begin to emerge. You might not have any idea what's going on inside you.

Interesting isn't it...

The entire process is flexible and slow, it gradually builds up. Your curiosity, attention helps you to enrich your knowledge and your perception of seeing things will be different. we shift ourselves between inner and outer focus because they are connected with each other.

It's simply different aspects of our present moment reality that we can attend to and enjoy.


I am not a good writer and I know that I just write random stuff. Every day I see something, I observe something exceptional, I know they are not fancy, maximum elements are ignored by a human being. I just see them, observe them, and just move on. Some stayed in my mind, some just remove unconsciously. I don't have any control over that.

Anyway, this was all about today...


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walking is the best exercise.🙃

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