2 Years of Blockchain Journey...

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I never thought I will be here for 2 years or I will be able to continue my journey here for 2 years. I was counting days in the morning and found that it is almost 371 days including leap-year.

I am a content creator and I always consider myself a content creator. I have created almost 10664 posts including videos, photography, Appics, and some shit posts. I never counted my followers here because I think follower doesn't matter, the matter is the people with whom I am still connected with. I have met a lot of nice people here, I am still connected with many people, some are not active here but still, I talk to them and that kind of bonding I have created here.


I guess I have shared a post where I wrote about my journey, how I ended up on this blockchain, and why I stayed here. The reason is very simple, I write here, make videos, and I share my amateur photography. I enjoy making videos, I love capturing pictures and share my thoughts. I am a lifestyle blogger and never consider myself a writer because I am not a writer. I prefer to call myself a content creator.

Many people asked me, what value am I putting here on this blockchain, or are there any value of my contents? Are my contents are helpful for anyone?

My answer is yes... My content inspired many people to share their thoughts. Many people took inspiration from my videos and they started making videos. As a non-native English speaker, I encouraged many people to make videos however they want, I told them language is not a barrier and practice makes us perfect. I onboarded two people, yes only two, one of them still make videos and one uses Actifit. One thing was always in my mind, I should onboard authentic people who will enjoy their journey here, I never forced anyone.

I worked with many communities and recently I reduced that, does that count as value? I don't have an appropriate answer because many people don't count that...


Do you think, my journey was smooth? Not at all, I have received so many criticisms for my work, for my contents in fact people asked me often how much rewards I get or some of them told me I don't deserve that much reward. Well, everyone has their own opinion and perspective of seeing content and I respect that.

I put effort into my content creation and I agree that all of my contents are not excellent and it happens. You don't like all songs from one singer right? I write simple words so that any type, any group of people understand my words.

In fact, I said, if I can be a Vlogger than you can be too...

I am very comfortable writing travel posts, photography posts just like many people like to write fictional posts.

Many people don't like videos or some just don't like to waste their time watching 5 mins boring videos just like I don't like to read 1000 words because I am not a bookworm, sorry no offense, it's my personal choice. Well, I think I am no-one to judge anyone's content because not all people are the same. Some are excellent, some are intermediate and some struggle what to write, what to post...


Last but not least, let's talk about the engagement level of the mine, hmm I am not excellent on that and I am too much skeptical when it comes to writing a comment. This habit of mine grew because of using social media and I know I should change that habit.

Anyway, I wanna thank everyone who has still stuck with me, supported me through my entire journey, from my first post to the last post, who helped me to grow here and those who gave me the chance to work and contribute to this blockchain.

I am really grateful to all of you...


This is it for today... See you on my next post...


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Great post Priyanarc, I've never seen your videos here, I'll have to check them out. I use steemit casually, mostly because I like to create random posts. It never was my intention to get rich here, but instead, just get my thoughts out. I like when people comment on my posts, even more than upvoes :)