"HF23" Bah! ¿Who cares? (What I Would Do)

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«-20th May 2020 14:00 UTC-»

HF  0.23

Honey!! daddy's hooome!

What I would do from this instant until approximately 13:59 UTC would be creating hundreds of replicas, hundreds of clones of the Steem blockchain right away. And then formulate, concoct, process, assemble, manufacture, create, make, put together and mass-produce a shit-ton of tokens under a lot of different sexy names to giveaway to everybody as a fatass airdrop.

«-Fatass Airdrop-»


No one will be left out or stop being soaked in this fatass snapshot.

This all simply is gonna be matter to achieve some consensus onwards about who is gonna support each one of these sexy new tokens on their cryptocurrency exchange platforms later on.

Yeah! consensus, consensus, consensus you know? Consensus as a tacit agreement between third parties and beyond, that this shit-ton of new sexy tokens that I'm gonna perpetrate will have some value in short.

And then, instantly, you will have replicated a hundredfold all your crypto belongings, possessions, capital and assets all scattered through hundreds of many posh wallets within gorgeous blockchains which will compound your glamorous portfolio of brandnew shit tokens from now on.

Yeah! Consensus, Snapshots, SPS, Whatevah!

Yeah, it's a myth we'll need 20 biggies to reach consensus.


¿Is it clear now what consensus means?

But the best part of all my strategy, it will be that none of you will have to pass through any damn KYC or AML bullshit nor any other ID verification procedures and shenanigans as to risk to get your previous goodies frozen, stolen or diverted to who knows where.

Simply, because I and only me will be the exclusive and only almighty decentralizing God who will fill all these one hundred new wallets of each one of you with as many new sexy shitcoins as I please on my very own brand new shining blockchains. To push you closer to your Lambo okay.

«-Know Your Customer-»


«-Well, I have to hurry folks. I only have 10 hours left to concoct 100 new cloned blockchains.-»

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Cranky Gandalf



Hmmmnnnnnn… Seems like a marvelous idea!?!??!?!? :>) I think SteemEngine already has a head start on that one though?

Yup! SteemEngine certainly did their fair bit on this back in the day. But neither they did this in just ten hours nor they tried to achieve this alone.

Unfortunately I haven't succeed either. I've been unable to concoct this fast enough! Hahahaha };)