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RE: Would you buy gold or silver? Getting my head around the gold to silver ratio!!

in GEMS3 years ago

I was just about to get my next pile of silver... and was unaware that the ratio recently hit na all time high. Very good post mate!


Thanks for the comment. I've kinda lost my mo-jo for actually writing decent posts lately, but enjoyed talking about gold and silver again.

I'm still heavily invested in SILVER, with only a few oz of gold. I can see a time where sub 40:1 is back on the table and I'll be flipping my silver for gold at this point. If someone offered me 115 oz of generic silver bullion for 1oz of gold today..... I probably still would take that deal, and completely counter everything I just wrote about. Hahahaha

I am exactly like you, heavily invested in silver but with a few oz of gold. I am waiting to swap my silver for gold when (if) the ratio reaches 50:1. I am just waiting, even after reading your excellent article...

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