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Good day beautiful people. It's me again. I always love to cook because I love food and I love to cook it myself.


For today I'll be making Nigerian Jollof and Fried rice 😋😋 Yes, you heard that right. I really love Jollof rice and Fried rice because if the beauty, the delicious taste, aroma and health benefits. As usual I made videos of what I made. This time I have 2 different videos, one for the Jollof rice and the other for the Fried rice. This is for you not to have a very long video or get confused.

Moving on...

>How to make Sumptuous Jollof rice

First the ingredients you need are;
•Vegetable oil
•Chopped Onion
•Blended pepper (Tomatoes, Tatase, Bawa)
•Sachet Tomatoes
•Ginger and Garlic
•Salt to taste
•Rice of course.

The preparation is on the video above but I'll just explain a bit. After your clean pot is dry and on the fire, use low heat, then put the vegetable oil, when it's hot, add the onions, then the blended pepper, the grate ginger and garlic in it, then add the sachet tomatoes, the thyme, the curry, the seasoning and salt to taste. As you're doing all these, you're stirring so the ingredients will enter into eachother and not get burnt.

Now increase the heat, and after few minutes, add water, make sure your water isn't too much depending on what you want to cook. Most times I boil water by the side so I prefer to use hot water. Now wash you rice well and pour into the pot. Depending on the quantity of rice you're making, allow it for few minutes (I use 45 minutes max for 3 cups of rice). By then, it must have been done and dried.

Mix it together gently and Voilà your Sumptuous Jollof rice is readyyyy💃💃



>How to make Sumptuous Fried rice

You'll need;
• Vegetable oil
• Onion
• Curry
• Fried rice seasoning
• Salt to taste
• Rice
• Green peas, Sweet corn, Chopped Carrot

Also according to the above video, the preparation of fried rice is quite easy. First you dry your pot as usual and add the vegetable oil, after its a bit hot,add the onion, curry, seasoning and salt to taste. Add hot water and then your washed rice. Leave it to cook for some minutes and when it's almost getting dry, add your Sweetcorn, green pea and carrot on it, cover it and allow it to cook together, then after few minutes, it must have been ready😋 Just mix it together gently and there you have it.💃

I hope you're gonna try this at home. Trust me you'll enjoy it.

Thank you so much for reading...
I remain my humble self @Oredebby

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