About cats and me

in GEMS3 days ago
  • one fact about me: I love Oriental cats. I think they were created to be admired. So interesting combination of shape and color. In General, this is not the first or last time you will see something like this on my blog.

I started drawing animals as a child. At that time, I was very acutely aware of my love for many animals. And my favorite books were veterinary medicine and animal encyclopedias. I tried to draw animals from books, but because I couldn't draw well, I quickly gave up. For some reason, I believed that if you can't do it on the first try, it's not yours, and you need to look for a more successful occupation. Thank God, after about 20 years, my faith has changed. And the fact that if you do not succeed, it does not mean that you need to give up this hobby. My life is an example of this. The girl who did it.

I so want to support that little me, so that he doesn't give up everything he doesn't take on. I wish you to overcome difficulties. Not run away like I did. (although I still tend to run away from difficulties)))

Craft paper, pastels, charcoal.