Disorder to move to a new place and a new college

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Leaving home (in many cases) and moving to a new environment full of unknown stresses coupled with a lack of social support is complicated, even the most trusted high school students are more likely to experience a decline in confidence during their first term of college, for students who are anxious, This change can be enormous.

Nearly 32% of adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18 suffer from mental disorders. For adolescents with anxiety disorders, moving to college represents an additional level of challenges. For a student with social anxiety, for example, making friends New and joining groups is difficult, for a student with OCD, sharing a small space with an unknown roommate is complicated.

A student of general anxiety is forced to deal with a new routine, new professors, new expectations and new friendships without having the right support in the right place to overcome these challenges in one go.

When a student with anxiety disorder does not prepare to move to college, moving away from home along with the task of independence and self-management is very difficult for them, and this may lead to irrational beliefs and anxious thinking patterns that make it difficult for the student to succeed on his own, but when Concerned students are prepared to move to college and get appropriate support, the challenges will seem workable and the student knows how to overcome them.

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Create a support plan

If the college-connected student is currently working with a psychologist to treat anxiety, the therapist may help him prepare for the transition to his new destination and learn about the campus support system, but if the student does not work with a psychiatrist before leaving college, it is important to help him devise a plan Support.

Most campuses provide counseling services for students, all you have to do as a parent is to speak with your teenager before moving to college, so he knows how to get help when he needs it.

Your child's condition is permanently forgotten
When anxious children live at home and their parents tend to monitor them and lose their degree of anxiety, but when moving to college, it is helpful for them to be aware of their conditions, so talk to your child permanently, and ask him about his sleeping habits, food habits, and physical problems, and that he does not suffer from any isolation Social or an increase in feelings of anger, frustration and exhaustion.

Talk about self-care

It is difficult to maintain healthy habits in college, especially in student housing, as all college students need a lot of sleep, exercise and a healthy diet, but these "basics" are especially important for students who suffer from anxiety, as insufficient sleep can lead to increased Symptoms of anxiety.

One of the challenges that new college students face is learning to share space with a roommate and adapt to different schedules, so encourage your child to be open and honest about sleeping needs so that he can achieve a healthy balance appropriate for him and his roommate.

Always know that you believe in it

The best thing you can do is create an audio recording every week in order to support him and encourage him to seek help on campus in case his anxiety worsens, but before you instill this theory into his brain cells, encourage him by believing in his capabilities and his ability to Solve his problems, and send him a positive message every time, like: You can do it.


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