A beautiful day

in GEMS4 years ago

Remi's Bday pic.jpeg

I ventured out today. It was a dear friend's birthday and wild horses couldn't have kept me away even if they tried. The lockdown restrictions have been relaxed a lot in my state and that made it easier to attend a small party. It was truly amazing to see some friends after 3 months of being stuck in our homes. It was nice to be able to eat and drink and laugh and hug (emphasis on the word 'hug'). I definitely ate too much but I had a really great day. We took that picture after the party. You can tell from our expressions how good a time it was.

Cheers & thanks for reading!


Madam enjoyment minister,
well done oooo. Na so corona make you forget my side abi??? No problem, I go soon report you to PTF!!!!!!
It's nice to know you are doing ok in this scary times.
I love your smile !!!!! Keep on smiling.
Nuff hugzzz,

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