I Told You And It’s Happening QTUM Coin Has Surged More Than 260% And Ready For Next Rally 28 August 2020 Mainnet Release V0.19.1

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Hi friends, hope you are well and welcome to the new update on Qtum coin. On the 16th of July 2020, I posted a video where I told you that Qtum is going to explode soon below is the link for old video:

There were two reasons behind that. One was the different signals and patterns were giving clear indications that it is going to make a big move. The second was the two major upcoming events expected on 28th August 2020. First is the offline is staking:


And the more significant event is the mainnet release.


 You can also watch below video for better understanding:

The 260% rally and breaking out the channel:

If we move to the live daily chart then we have already seen that after the announcement of mainnet release on 21st June the price action turned very strong bullish and broke out the resistance of the channel. And as I told you previously that after re-testing the resistance of the channel as support the price action will move more up. Now it can be observed that the priceline of Qtum coin has surged more than 260%.

On long term chart the resistance of wedge has been broken out:

Now if we switch to the bigger time period weekly chart. Then it can be clearly seen that the price action was moving in a falling wedge pattern. When the release of the mainnet was announced Qtum was already very close to the resistance of wedge. Then it turned more strong bullish and broke out the resistance of the wedge as well. I am not expecting that the priceline will re-test the previous resistance of the wedge pattern as support as it has re-tested the resistance of the channel on the daily chart.


Now if we place the different simple moving averages on the weekly chart with the time period of 25, 50, and 100 then price action has also broken out these SMAs.

And if we watch these moving averages on the daily chart and include the 200 simple moving average as well then the priceline of Qtum has also broken out all the simple moving averages on the daily chart as well. Now Qtum’s price action has very strong supports of these moving averages on daily and weekly chart. Now there are two possibilities one is the priceline might move down and use the 25 simple moving average as support as it has already been using the 25 simple moving average as support before the next rally.



The second possibility is that the price action may use the exponential moving averages with the time period of 10 and 21 as it is retesting these EMAs continuously and move to the upside.

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Even though the price action has broken out all the resistance levels and having good supports of different moving averages as well and has surged more than 260%. Qtum coin is also having very good backing of two upcoming significant events. But we should take care of the stop loss. For this purpose we can use different simple or exponential moving averages or different other techniques that can be used. However, I am not expecting a big correction rally or bearish trend until 28 August 2020.

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