Is there a real difference between camera or cell phone photos?

in GEMS3 years ago

Guess what, all these images were taken with the cell phone.

Today I woke up as always, I looked out through the window again (it's already a habit every time I go out to take pictures) due to the constant rain, I didn't want to go out and the rain surprised me with all the equipment mounted and without any protection, anyway, a small breeze was falling very lightly, almost nothing, so I got ready to go out on a new adventure.

I arrived at the park where I always go, and the first thing I noticed was a very loud noise, they were mowing the grass and under a structure they were setting up tables and chairs, probably for some political event, I didn't take much attention because my mentality was to record a video about the use of the cell phone to take pictures in RAW mode.

But due to the excess of noise the birds, turtles, otters, lizards, in fact, everything that lives in the park was hidden, and I was also planning to take a picture for the next photofeed contest, so I stayed dreaming of taking the picture and took all the equipment just for a walk.

Completely disillusioned with the result of today, I didn't feel like taking pictures, especially since I wasn't even going to be able to record the video I had in mind because of the noise, even so, I managed to take a couple of shots that I just edited and I want to present to you.





I know that the pictures could have been a little sharper, or with a different story, but basically they are helping me to continue exploring the capabilities of my cell phone, the Redmi Note 7, and I think it does a good job despite just being a smartphone and not a professional camera. Or what do you think?

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