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RE: Showcase-Sunday - A very special resurrected corpse.

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You just made another jealous friend who does not understand your Art of Words... and i'm not even talking about the ms office here. 😎 It is so sad to see so many little adolfs all over these "free" and "decentralized" blockchains!

BTW... bring on that psychedelic Jam. the above is quite groovy!


Hahaha, definitely Mr 'good boy' piotr loves me. For the simple fact he can't understand shit about my awfully insightful and lofty prose. Thank you for the hint and the chuckles. LoL

BTW... bring on that psychedelic Jam. the above is quite groovy!

Yeah! I wish I could upload online one of those long and groovy psychedelic jam sessions any time soon. Because at the moment, I'm under a very bad, unstable and sluggish internet connection that will prevent me from doing it.

But let's hope that situation could be improved in the near future. In the meantime, let's see if I'm able to upload at least a few of my exclusive 'danceable' Minimal Techno tunes that I already had uploaded to DSound before but that unfortunatelly disappeared from the server due to some limitations of the IPFS protocol. };)

Oh! and thank you very much for your jealous friendship. It's very well appreciated. :)


Hehe... pleasure Bro! Your 'Good Boy' makes me really laugh.
Looking forward to the Day of internet connection speed and the new jam.

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