2020 retrospective | My 2-nd Intro here | An open letter

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So, this article started in my mind like something totally different. Since I haven’t been active for a long time on Steemit I have discovered these things called “communities”! I said to myself - why not, I have a profile here for 3 years now and the only introduction I have ever made was back then. So, this is a long time full of opportunities for a person to change and to grow. And this is where it hit me - somewhere between the morning wake and bake and my daily work tasks as I am now crazy busy with my work stuff.


Yes, 3 years ago was somewhere when my relationship started. And I was way different in a way back then but I have also managed to save some of my “best” characteristics/sides. In this particular morning or so moment I have seen a retrospective of my life for the last 3 years in a moment. And I have realized something - I have changed in a good way and sort of in some areas not that much (if you know what I mean) aaaaand basically and like, in general, I have become a better person. I mean like I like myself more than before which is supposed to be a good thing, right? And so I think of how your life is just an endless chain of decisions and choices you make every single day.


I now spend more time cooking and having fun in the kitchen which also reflects the content I am sharing here. But besides that I also have developed as a professional - I am now responsible for the digital marketing of a small retailer in the high-quality food industry and also taking care of the PR & marketing of a cultural/art/social practices project here in Bulgaria. Yes, professionally I am busy as fuck but doing good. And this is also something that is making me think a bit more the last couple of weeks. I am grateful for I don’t know if it’s fate or just some wrong and more right choices in my life, but I am grateful that I get to keep my job. I know that for a person like me it is vital to have that during my days in self-isolation & lockdown, something that is like one of the pivots keeping me together. So work is now a huge part of me not losing my mind. :D


Back to myself - another thing for me is that I have finally let myself chase a dream that I have always had - involving in fashion in a more professional way. So I have decided to give it a try and I have had some great experiences before the virus situation. I have worked on a couple of projects - photoshoots and etc and I will keep on dedicating some of my time for that passion.

I keep on doing my way of charity and helping people which has led me to meet many great people and get involved in amazing activities. I still do my jewelry and I still enjoy writing about human psychology and communication. Although I should start reading more books again, I am just in one of those periods.

(This is the shadow of the guy whos half-face you've seen on the first photo :D )

I am still in a relationship with the coolest boyfriend - @rorxco. He keeps on being a great photographer so a lot of the photos, and especially for my cooking recipes, are made by him. You can check his profile here. He is posting some crazy mad shit.

And basically, I think this is it. This is all about me for now. Nice to meet you all, again!
If you want, share a short retrospective for your life in the last 3 years in a comment below. I will be happy to hear!

Stay healthy,

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