Construction site (photography)

in GEMS4 years ago

Hello people. Long time no see.

There is a reason why I didn't posted here, reason was lack of time. Literally for a past few days I wasn't home, worked a lot and when I come back I just fall a sleep. While I was at construction site I was photographing with my phone when there was breakfast time and it happened a lot during this time.


I met some beautiful construction guardian, really good doggo that just wanted to be petted with everyone at site. Only thing that he doesn't do is wearing helmet while running around site. :D


We also had some accident on site, there was some truck that hit our car but everyone was fine just car got injured a little bit. Now, everything is fine.


There was also beautiful scenery when there was rain and we saw rainbow while we were heading home.



Everything else was just pure work, finishing some stuff, doing new jobs and etc. I'm glad that we have that much work and good workers that are finishing job in time, that's really hard to find.






Thank you for stopping by and we will see you tomorrow with new blog. Cheers! :)


love the doggo pic!

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