Dark Cherry

in GEMSlast year


Today I was looking through my photos and came across some interesting photos of cherries. This cherry bush was unlike all other cherry bushes and had very few berries. Most likely, he survived the winter period unsuccessfully and is now experiencing some discomfort, so at the moment a small number of berries have tied on him.

That is why I was attracted to this cherry bush, since a small number of berries have their own unique appearance, which looks interesting in photographs. I also liked the cherry color, which was a deep red rather than the usual red. And the cherry taste was slightly different from the rest of the berries. It had a slightly sour taste combined with some sweetness.

I took some pictures of cherry branches with single berries. The photographs were taken in the evening and therefore have a pleasant dark tint. You can only see the remnants of the evening sun that made its way through the branches of the trees.

Camera Model:

  • Canon EOS 70D

Camera Lens:

  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.4

Camera Settings:

  • Diaphragm f/1.8
  • Excerpt 1/200 s
  • ISO 100


  • Capture One


Photos were taken @milaoz

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