My food making photography - Today I made two of my favorite items!

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Today I made two of my favorite food items.I made these food items today, Thursday noon.My mother helped me make these food items.I took pictures while making this foods.I shared the pictures with you here.

Let's get acquainted with the foods,

The first food is pumpkin leaves fried.This pumpkin leaf fry is one of my favorite items.It is also favorite item of the people of our Tangail region.We have a pumpkin tree in our house.We collect these pumpkin leaves from that tree.Today it was a special item for me.

How to fry pumpkin leaves,




Pumpkin leaves are very easy to fry.It takes five ingredients to make it.

  1. Oil
  2. Salt
  3. Chili paste
  4. Yellow paste and
  5. Rice powder


All these ingredients need to be mixed together.These five ingredients need to be mixed well with rice powder.After mixing a nice paste will be made.Then apply this paste on the pumpkin leaves.And fry it in oil as desired.Then this delicious fried will be made.

The second item is piyaju,


It is basically called dal piyaju and leaf piyaju.Because it takes dal and a green leaf to make this piyaju.It is basically made with dal.However we use a leaf to enhance the taste.The name of the leaf is the scent leaf.The leaf is found in the nature of our region.

Let's know how to make this piyaju,





It takes five ingredients to make it.

  1. Oil
  2. Salt
  3. Chili paste
  4. Yellow paste
  5. Green pepper and
  6. Onion
    First have to make a paste by crushing dal and green leaves.Then these ingredients have to be mixed.I shared a video here.In the video you will see how to mix it.This is my YouTube video link👇


Once mixed, it should be fried in oil as desired.

And delicious piyaju will be made.Friends, today I am very happy to make these food items at home.I took pictures while making this food items.I shared the all pictures with you here.
Friends, homemade food is my and my family's first choice.We think home-made food is the safest.Homemade food is 100% safe.So we always try to make food at home all the time.

Let's all try to make food at home.Eat homemade food and build a healthy life.
Everyone will be fine.I wish you good health.See you again.

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Atleast you're original. Your Piyaju Doesn't look appetising though, it looks burned.

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