Death Note - Pen Drawing

in GEMSlast year

Hello everyone!

Today, I present to you my new artwork done with my favourite medium, pen and I entitled it "Death Note."


Whenever we see a skull, we usually attribute it to death, evil, fear and horror. Sure, death is the ultimate cessation of a living previously living organism. It is the end of life.

The work depicts skull placed on top of an ancient magical book with a knife crossing underneath the skull and resting on the book.

Here are my steps:






A bit morbid because of the skull and knife. But a beautiful art, great skills you got here. It also has same name with one of my favorite anime Death Note.

Oh really? I never knew of an anime called Death Note before. Glad you mentioned it now.
And thank you for dropping by.

Este te quedó magistral! Es verlo e imaginarme al Rapero Replik en una de sus batallas! Brutal! GG Bro!

Thank you buddy. Glad i like it.

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