Behind The Photo contest - Edition #8 │ I give you the moon...

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Behind The Photo contest - Edition #8

Image taken from the main post of the contest on @nelyp blog.

Photographs are an important part of our lives. Who hasn't taken a single photograph in every moment that he felt should be perpetuated beyond that very moment?

@nelyp, @johan.norberg, and @appreciator, are giving us that opportunity again through their fabulous contest in its #8 edition, a good chance to show our best photographs, reveal details of them and tell the story that goes with them.

If you want to participate, check the following link:
Behind The Photo contest - Edition #8


I give you the moon...

Throughout the ages, the moon has been the source of countless inspirations, stories, romances and stop telling them. Many poets and authors have dedicated lines, songs and why not? also photographs.

I love to photograph the moon, it and the skies, are reasons for me to make captures that while not the sharpest and most beautiful, satisfy my eyes and that frustrated desire to be a professional photographer.
In these days, in one of those dawns when I wake up at dawn on the occasion of my work day, I managed to take a shot of the moon when it was already dawn.

I began to take it from the darkness of the dawn, to finish the sequence in a dawn where in the clear and blue sky when the night had already hidden, the moon still resisted to leave and showed me its splendor in the middle of the dawn. It was a beautiful moment that I enjoyed very much, and I wanted to eternalize it through my new photographs.
I usually take my photos from my Alcatel cell phone camera, model Tetra, which is not a very advanced camera but I consider it makes beautiful photos.

As I said in another occasion in this contest, I don't use filters when I publish because I feel that it takes away from the authenticity and beauty of the image. I took a lot of photos, since I then start to choose the best ones, which are the ones I show you in sequence in this opportunity.

The moon is a beautiful element, as well as all the nature, I love to photograph its details as well as to tell stories, poetries, inspirations to which this wonderful gift of the skies gives rise. The photographs were taken in sequence from the terrace of my house, I live on a second floor, in the location of Barcelona, Anzoátegui state, Venezuela. I hope you enjoy them as much as I share them in this fabulous contest.

The dawn still dark, just waking up and looking for the moon.


That's where I found her, she's reluctant to leave the sky because it's dawn.


Beautiful and splendid, offering its spectacle to the sight in the middle of the day that comes arriving.


You will forever be queen, my beautiful moon.


And you're losing me in the blue of dawn.


It's dawn and already, my beautiful moon, I say goodbye.


We sincerely thank @appreciator for sponsoring this contest!


Thank you for taking the time for this reading.


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Hola amiga, la luna es uno d elementos naturales más misteriosos a mi juicio. Sobre ella se tejen tantas historias que solo puedo suponer que es verdaderamente mágica y maravillosa. Éxito en el concurso amiga.

Asi es, amiga y es una de mis favoritas para inspiraciones. Incursionando en el arte de fotografiar, gracias por tu visita y valoración que siempre me enriquecen. Te abrazo con cariño, querida @belkisa758.

Lindas fotografías amiga marybellrg. Te envio un gran abrazo.

Gracias mi querida amiga. Es un gran halago viniendo de una fotografa experta como tú. Te abrazo de vuelta! @francyrios75

La luna, aunque no lo crean a veces es dificil de tomar una foto, si la camara o celular no tienen un tripode. Yo tengo muchas fotos de la luna, casi lunatica soy ja ja ja

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El 10 de febrero de este año ha tenido lugar la Superluna, es decir la luna más grande y brillante de todo el año. Tal vez esta sea la luna que fotografiaste. Un abrazo 🤗

Muy bonita tu publicación, la luna siempre tiene un gran aatractivo.
Un aabrazo, @marybellrg

Excelente reporte

Unas fotografías espectaculares con esta hermosa luna, lunera que se vio hace unos días. Siempre con detalles para compartir tan hermosos @marybellrg tenemos ynos espacios naturales unicos y especiales, para visitar. Un abrazo.

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