My first eye drawing using Originally made by @maam.sammy

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Hello Steem Community!

Sammy here again, doing art stuff for the first time. I had enough with mandalas as of the moment and I just want to explore new arts and styles. So I have with me my first eye drawing using I only used the sketchy tool for this drawing and with the help of a mouse. I'm thankful I don't have a shaky hand.

I don't know if I did well as a beginner but so far, I really like this one especially looking at it afar from the monitor. I have used a guide for this eye indicated below. I missed some details in comparison with the reference image but who knows I would be able to made such a small feat. ^^

The photos below shows the process of making it including the image I made as a guide. Enjoy!







Image Reference from this site

Thank you for dropping by! I hope you like my art for today. I would be happy for the upvotes if you do. See you next time!

Happily Yours,

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