The Freedom To Be With Me

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One day I discovered that I was alone, clearly I had myself and nobody else, I used to look for answers in an environment where nobody bothered me, away from society. It can be said somehow that I had problems to solve in many aspects of my life.

Society bothers me with its absurd stereotypes, which only create discrimination and that in turn many people feel inferior, lowering their self-esteem to unimaginable levels, which in many cases unfortunately cause suicides that could have been avoided.

Everyone has to have an opinion, what you do or don't do with your life. It is a subject that I am not going to deny that causes me some confusion, because it seems that people do not understand that they should not get into the lives of others. It seems that it was difficult for them to understand it, it seems that curiosity can do more.

Although I like to be alone, because I consider that this is a time for me, to understand myself, think and create. All those things that one urgently needs to understand the context there has been and to have. The downside of all this, I could say with all propriety, is that there are days, where I would like to talk to someone, have direct communication, tell anecdotes, laugh at anything.

I think that maybe I am a hermit and that in a certain part I like being away for a long time. Although it is difficult because I am surrounded by a noisy city and full of problems of any kind, I would like to live in a house in the mountains, where the predominant noise is that of the animals that live in it and feel that feeling of freedom to be with me, same for a good time.

I would also say that it is a great contradiction to think in this way or what I try to convey in this article. But it is what happens to me, it is what I feel at this precise moment in my life, where a lot has happened lately, between good and bad things, but I try to focus and prioritize the good.

I do not mean by this that I am a victim of society, that I am the kindest person in the world and that the world is cruel to me. No, I'm not interested in transmitting that false idea, I'm just trying to tell you directly and indirectly that it amazes me how life has taken me to different places, but I always end up in the same place.

Yes, I know they are more confused now, but that's the way I am, at one point I am talking about football and at another time I am talking about the second World War. My thoughts are scattered, but I think that fully reflects what my life is like now.

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