And we went to the village market: Artisan Coffee

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Hello dear friends of the @gems community.

My week has started off on the right foot, some nature research has moved me to discover the miracle of life in different plants that have multiple health benefits and others with good fruits to enrich our cuisine.

On this occasion I wanted to discover how to prepare artisan coffee, so I took the whole day away from home since I went to the village market to look for artisan coffee processors.


I got a nice young man who received us very kindly, we asked him if he could teach us the process of preparing the coffee:


Once the coffee fruit is ready to harvest, they cook it over medium heat so that it is not raw or burned. Its flavor will depend on the balance in the candle.

After it is ready, well cooked, it is ground until the product is pulverized. Some artisans build their own mill to grind the coffee. It is a very natural process.







As the previous image shows, the miracle of this rich drink begins with a small flower on the plant, then it takes shape like a bud, until it matures and becomes an oval of hard consistency.


Unlike commercial coffee, we can save some money by growing and processing it ourselves.

I hope you liked my post, and I invite you to share a good coffee with family and friends.


Thanks to the @gems community and its executive leadership: (@bluemist, @appreciator, @rocky1 @upmewhale) for their support of our blogs.



I stopped for the coffee ☕
Thanks! @steemingcurators

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