From speeding in a snowmobile to a one reindeer sleigh ride (Revisiting Travels)

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I have never ridden a motorcycle before or even been on the back of one as a passenger. So driving a snowmobile is a big step up from the only other two wheel vehicle (bicycle) that I've been on.

我從來都沒有騎過機車或者坐在機車後坐位。 所以,比起我唯一坐過的二輪交通工具 - 腳搭車,開雪地車實在是一項大挑戰。sm01.jpg

Ok, so that photo was just for show, here's one where I'm really driving it. This was taken when I was in Finland searching for the northern lights. The group of us, 7 or 8 snowmobiles in total zoomed across the country roads in the wilderness on a day out to visit a reindeer farm.

之前這張相只是拍拍照而且。這一張才是我真正開雪地車時拍的。 地點是我在芬蘭尋找北極光的同一個旅程。 我們整團車隊大概七八輛雪地車,當天豪豪蕩蕩從旅館出發,經過荒野的山路去探訪一個鹿牡場。

Driving a snowmobile is really easy as you don't have to balance it like a bicycle or motorbike, it's fully automatic and all you have to do is to control the accelerator, brakes and manoeuvring. When you start off, or take a sharp turn it can be a bit tricky as it's quite heavy and you mustn't accelerate too much, but once you get going, it's an awesome experience. My husband is not too fussed about driving so was happy to let me take the driving seat for the day and sit comfortably behind me.

其實開雪地車不難,不用像機車或腳踏車般保持平衡。它是全自動,只需要控制加速器,煞車系統和方向盤就可以。初次開車或需要轉急彎時可能會有點困難,因為雪地車真的有點重,而且不能開得太快。但當車行順暢時,就非常輕鬆和舒服。 老公不太愛開車,所以很樂意讓我全程做司機,他就安心坐在後面做乘客。

I had no idea where I was going that day as everywhere was snowy white and looked the same so I just followed the snowmobile in front of me.


The terrain was mostly flat, and occasionally there would be some mild slopes. It was really fun speeding up those slopes, and a few times I even managed a little jump!


Apart from crossing one main road when we set off, there was no traffic around. We didn't have to look out for pedestrians, wait at traffic lights, or stop at crossroads and look out for other vehicles. That meant I could comfortably admire the amazing landscape whilst I was driving (I wonder if that's what paradise looks like? 🙄) . What I loved most was the blanket of undisturbed snow on both sides, and the changing colour of the sky. From pinkish red, to blue, to silver to white. I have never seen anything so beautiful.

除了要經過一條有車輛的馬路外,路上四周完全沒有其他交通。我們不用擔心有行人跑出來,沒有紅綠燈要看,更不用小心翼翼在路口等讓車。我可以一邊開雪地車,一邊很安心地欣賞四周雪景。 我覺得最漂亮是兩旁大地銀裝素裹,像仙境(其實仙境是怎樣? 🙄)。天空上的顏色從微紅,到藍,到銀色到雪白色,我從來都沒見過這麼美的景象。




Not long after, we arrived at our destination, the reindeer farm. The open fire was a very welcoming sight and we all immediately huddled around it.


We were taught how to lasso a reindeer, using a tree trunk instead of a live reindeer of course, but it still took me a few times before I could do it. The herder then demonstrated with a live reindeer and of course he succeeded on the first attempt.


Next, was a ride in a sleigh pulled by the reindeer. The sleigh was quite spacious for the two of us, and we were given a blanket to keep us nice and warm. The circuit wasn't very big and we went round twice . The whole ride lasted around 3 minutes I think. There was only one reindeer pulling us so it couldn't go very fast, and since the sleigh is quite low, it was actually quite a bumpy ride. It was an ok ride🙃 . Also, during the ride we were behind Rudolph and I could get a whiff of.... maybe he had just done a pooh pooh ....😷
下一項節目是坐鹿拉車。 鹿車很寬闊足夠我兩座得很舒適,而且還備有被子保暖。 場內跑道不是很大,我們繞了兩個圈圈,全程大概3,4分鐘就完了。 因為鹿車離地較低,而且只有一隻鹿在拉,跑得不快,所以很顛簸。老實說,不好坐 🙃。 另外我們跟著小鹿後聞到一陣陣 …. 我想可能小鹿剛便便完….. 😷

Eventually, it was time to head back to the hotel. I think I prefer the thrill of speeding on the snowmobile more.


This is part of my Revisiting Travels series, a repost of my post that I first posted two years ago


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