Cing jing short trip (Revisiting travels )

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Ever since I arrived in Taichung four months ago, it’s like I’ve been thrown into a hot oven, and am about to suffocate every time I step outside.

This weekend I went to Cingjing and as soon as I arrived was welcomed with its cool soothing climate and a light drizzle of rain. For a moment, I thought I had been transported back to England. I immediately fell in love with this place, something that I had not expected at all.

Cingjing is one of Taichung’s most famous landmark. It is well known for the farm and its sheep and is very popular with locals and Asian tourists. I have never had high expectations of Cingjing. After all, when sheep are in abundance in UK, why would I want to see more of them in Taiwan? However, I had neglected the other side of Cingjing - its natural beauty. Nestled 1750m up on the mountains, with the tranquillity of the mountains and a sea of clouds blobbing around, it was a totally different world from Taichung city.

It’s been a while since I felt so comfortable and relaxed, strolling around the mountain trails, breathing in the clear cool fresh air and being able to sleep calmly at night without a fan or air conditioning. The overnight stay was a bit too short, but I will definitely be back, not for the sheep, but to enjoy the serenity. Let’s see if I can mentality rise above the clouds!

This is part of my Revisiting Travels series, a repost of my post that I first posted two years ago


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