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Fort George

All photos in this post were taken by me.

It was my girlfriend's birthday and we had nice lunch out with her cousins and decided to go adventuring, as you do, after a meal. We decided to make an impromptu visit to Fort George which was nearby and happens to be a prominent tourist destination in our country. According to Destination Trinidad and Tobago (2017), the fort was constructed in the year 1804 by, at the time, the British colonials in defense of French efforts to claim the territory. We decided to catch the phenomenal view of the city and seascape as well as the sunset that was about to happen.

Never A Dull Moment


Even from the car park, you are greeted with breath taking views of the city (Port of Spain) and sea below as well as the sprawling landscapes of the southern parts of the island! The fort is atop a hill and so there is an almost 360 degree view of sea, city and mountainsides depending on which direction you look. There are nicely paved walkway, sprinkled with benches to take in the view which we follow as we enter the compound. I decided to walk around quickly and get some shots from all sides.

South eastern view.

The western view.

The north western view.

The eastern view: valleys, mountains and towns!

Taking It All In


We decided to sit and take in the view for a while, the city life hustle and bustle seeming so far away. The wind was calming to the heart and it seemed to remove all the stresses of the day. It was hard to describe yet so wonderfully freeing. The view of the buildings and cars down below made all the troubles of life seem so small. All the wars and conflicts of the world loosing meaning. This was the view as the sun began to set:



Blast From The Past (Literally?)


We made our way up to the little white house which was filled with artifacts and historical information about the place. After checking it out, we headed towards the sea facing side of the fort where the canons were. The view here was majestic as you get to see the sunset as well as the city and the bay down below.


We then met some foreigners who were quite enthusiastic about the place and about asking us questions about ourselves. They then offered to take our picture which is something of a rarity in that you get to see the author and photographer for once!

I'm second from the left, always with that camera!

As impromptu as it was, it was a really good call to make the trip to the fort. We really needed that relaxation that the atmosphere brought after such a long and stressful week. It makes me so grateful to live in a country where people pay to vacation and these leisurely destinations and sites are just a car drive away! Thanks a lot for reading, Cheers!


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