Dalgona Coffee, Is it Good?

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Our Attempt at the Dalgona Coffee Trend!


I'm not one for following trends on social media but when in quarantine, anything to occupy the mind and combat under-stimulation is welcomed! Plus it gave me content for social media and an excuse to pull out the camera and lighting so why not?

Click to watch the video I made about the process!


So here we used two tablespoons of instant coffee. You're seeing different textures there as we decided to use a mixture of coffees to get a nicer flavour. I normally hate that instant coffee taste so this was the lesser of the two evils.

An equal amount of sugar was used.

The sugar, coffee and two tablespoons of hot water were mixed thoroughly before being whisked by a hand mixer. I'm not sure for how long exactly but you want stiff peaks and the mixture to look a few shades lighter than its initial colour.


The next step is to get your preferred fancy glass as per the experience, throw in the ice, your preferred type of milk and top it all of with the delicious looking Dalgona Coffee! We took the liberty of "garnishing" beverage with some chocolate powder.


How did it taste you ask? Look, I like the concept and all but I have to be honest, I don't like instant coffee and this really did not do it for me. It looks very beautiful but I believe we can modify this recipe to make it better and build on the experience. Maybe we can use an espresso shot as the base, add a tad bit more sugar and use something else other than just STRAIT UP MILK. Maybe a black milk tea or matcha? The possibilities are endless and so I have taken it upon myself as a challenge to elevate this beverage! But that is for another post. Hope you enjoyed the video and the photos!


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lemniscate/



Wow, looks tasty. Can't wait to try it! Great shots! Looking forward to see what comes next.

Thank you! Yes, more things on the way!

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