Painting on pots

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Hello Dear friends.
I am at your service today with a different job.
This is an order from a friend of mine and I am going to paint a souvenir on the vase.
This necklace is very valuable to one of my friends and he asked me to paint it on the vase that he is going to give to one of his friends.
I did this with oil paint. I hope it dries and lasts because stained glass should be used on glass objects.


I put the vase and the necklace in front of me and I want to transfer it like this on the vase that is going to be painted on.
Now the colors needed in the painting must be prepared, which I think are just these colors, and the rest of the colors in the painting come from a combination of these colors.
Lock painting
I invite you to see the steps.


The whole painting was done only with this small brush and no other brush sizes were used.
And the end


What do you think about this painting?
I hope you like it.
Art by


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That is really entertaining especially when someone does not know what is painted and what is real :) Love your necklace .

Hello, thank you very much.

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