100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 16/06/2020 - The Diary Game

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For me, today is a very happy day. I returned to my hometown and walked around the places I used to play as a child


The children in my village

Fighting grass never stops attracting children.


The strength competition of the boys: D

In my childhood, I had images of little boys and girls piling around the yard, roaming around the alleys or waving the area in the cool countryside river, sometimes muddy with dirt, and playing around. from noon until late evening

When summer comes, I don't have to worry about tutoring everywhere like kids today. After 3 months of relaxation, my mother sometimes made me sit at the table to read the multiplication table, or practice writing, so I solved it well in a note.

Noon is a sleeping time but it is only for adults but for us, this is really free time to play folk games.

The stupidest of my summer games is probably the Stork joke. The feeling of them running together in a strange way that adults cannot understand. After finishing this game, I got scolded all the time, but after being scolded, I forgot everything and every few days, we continued to disturb the whole neighborhood.


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