What to Expect With an Alcea Flower

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An alcea flower can be the perfect gift for that special someone this year. It is not only good to give to loved ones, but it is also a fabulous addition to any plants.

The petals are very easy to care for. They will require only water and attention. Since they have to be cut before you get them home, you will want to pick a time when the flower petals are soft enough to handle.

Once the petals are on, you will need to take the cuttings back inside the plant. These petals will have about a half inch of the blossom attached to the stems. There are two ways to do this. The first way is by cutting the blossom off with a pair of scissors. If the bloom has already begun to wilt, this can be a good way to conserve the flower.

When the bloom has come off the stem, just fold the petals over and press against the end of the stem. Make sure you press the petals firmly so they don't break. This will make for a strong, sturdy blossom, but the blooms can still droop if they become too weak. Allow your flowers to dry and be ready to use when you get them home.

Another way to prepare an alcea flower for cutting is to wrap them in plastic wrap or foil. Place them in a freezer for several hours to help the blossom thaw and dry out. The blossom will shrivel up once it is placed in the freezer. You will then need to cut the stem from the blossom and wrap the stem around the cut end of the blossom.


The plastic wrap and foil can then be left for several days to allow the bloomto grow back. When the bloom is ready, wrap the cut blossom with plastic wrap and foil again. The florist can then be ready to offer you beautiful flowers.


The easiest method is to pull the petals off the flower, which are soft and light. Just be careful not to pull on the fragile blooms. Start cutting the petals off at the bottom and work your way up. If the petals are too large, you can leave them on the stems instead of cutting them off.

Whether you are looking for a floral gift for someone who is celebrating a milestone birthday or a unique gift for someone who just moved, an alcea flower can be the perfect solution. While this is certainly not the most romantic flower, it is sure to brighten someone's day.


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