Spring Special Snapdragon Beauty

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There is nothing quite as welcomed and wonderful as the emergence of spring flowers. Spring's warmer weather always draws us back outside after enduring the winter blues. Refreshingly warmer weather also prompts many plants to flower. Whether it is the upright snapdragon with its beautiful hues that range from virgin white to butter yellow to baby girl pink or tangy orange and burning red or the trailing petunia, spring is an eruption of visual candy.

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A perfect complement in the garden to snapdragons are petunias. Equally colorful the mix of colors is also wide and varied. Petunias offer the gardener as well as the casual onlooker the added bonus of striped floral varieties. Perfectly pairing purple and other contrasting colorways, the petunia is not only beautiful but hardy.

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Both snapdragons and petunias are both hardy and relatively low maintenance bloomers. Dead heading, the removal of dead blooms, is recommended for both, and daily watering is also highly recommended to get the most from your plants. An occasional dose of a dis solvable plant food will also be welcomed. And for those who don't wish to garden, but only to admire, keep in mind that snapdragons make excellent cut flowers that will allow you to bring the beauty of spring from the outside in.