Petunia, the Pride of Nature

in GEMSlast year

What flower can you think of that originated on only one continent and has expanded to be cultivated on every continent save Antarctica? Mostly hybrids, they are a wonderous garden plant. From furry leaves emerge large and lovely silky textured flowers in a multitude of colors. Particularly captivating are flowers that exhibit alternating bold colors intermixed with white longitudinal and perimeter stripes. The effect is wonderful and has always reminded me of a carousel minus the zebras and elephants.


Grown as an annual it is considered a low to moderate creeper. Flowers cluster atop low stems often creating a carpet of color. Inexpensive and easily cultivated they are a container gardeners delight. Often displayed in hanging baskets the flowers often create a ball of color for great front porch impact.

We Also beloved in flower boxes their hanging drapes of flowers gently cascade downward. Although only 20 species exist they have been hybridized endlessly to create a variety that can satisfy even the most discriminating gardener.