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Marigold seeds are one of the most delicate flowers you can grow. They prefer to be planted in partial shade and need to be started from seeds. Marigolds don't require much attention, but they do need special attention if you want them to thrive. You will also have to give some water on a regular basis. To keep these seeds healthy you should make sure that they get the right amount of sunlight. They do like high temperatures to ensure that they get the right amount of light from your windows or sunlight during the day.



Marigold seeds are known to grow faster if they are grown in containers. This is because they require less attention as compared to growing in pots or open planters. If you don't have a container then grow them in small pots. If you are growing them outdoors then they need the proper temperature for them to grow properly. These types of plants like hot temperatures but if you plant them in cold climates then they may not survive. Another thing to note is that the temperature should be kept at a moderate level throughout the year. You can plant them from spring to autumn depending on the time of the year.



Marigold flowers look beautiful when they bloom especially when they bloom in May. You can choose to have marigold seeds when the flowers are not in bloom. Since these are delicate flowers, it needs special care to make sure that it gets the required amount of sunshine and water. You can also start seeds indoors from seed saving some money. It is a better idea to buy Marigold seeds online if you want to save money.


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