African Daisy, the Garden Sun

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Nothing is quite as splendid the African daisy. As one might guess from the name, they are excellent in low moisture areas. Known in the garden trade as gazania it is a hardy summer bloomer that needs no introduction. Its blooms are like tiny suns emerging from the garden and perfectly mirror the actual sun in symmetry and color. A blaze of yellow to orange, they draw the eye when added to any landscape. Of moderate height they are an excellent groundcover and serve to balance out the lower creepers and taller blooming perennials and annuals in your garden.


Often grown in poor soils they provide color to the garden in all seasons. During the hottest months of summer however, their flowering may become intermittent. By spreading stems they enlarge their territory and should be planted approximately 18 inches for other African daises to prevent overcrowding. This lovely perennial has the unusually distinctive habit of closing its flowers at night, as it is photo sensitive. And even on rainy and overcast days the bloom will fail to fully open. But don't disparage. Its impact on the garden is more than made up for by the fact that it is so very low maintenance and produce a profusion of blooms during most months of the year in the worst of soils.



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