A Dragon Like No Other

in GEMSlast year



The word dragon conjures up visions of scary monsters which are a staple of fantasy and sci/fi film making. Perhaps lesser known but equally impressive is the common flower, the snapdragon. Originally believed to be wildflowers of the Iberian Peninsula they have been long cultivated and much improved since their humble beginnings. Owing its name from the dragon like snout shaped flowers, they are excellent as a garden plant, container plant or cut flower.

Infinite it seems are the variety of colors snapdragons may be found. Flowers form in large clusters atop tall proud stalks. A great clumper these plants only grow more and more impressive. Although they are considered perennials they are often short lived and are best if planted each spring as annuals. Great in rocky gardens or along garden borders they are much beloved. As an interesting side note they are one of the more popular plants to be studied by early genetic scientists including Mendel, Darwin and Baur due to their unique inheritance patterns involving color.