Edinburgh Scotland - Greyfriars Kirkyard ,Street Performers, Amazing Street Food and Edinburgh Randomness

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Hey Folks

Last week I took a trip out to Edinburgh ,Scotland's capital city.

The street performer in the screenshot above was there for hours.You see him pop up a few times throughout this vlog.He was dressed like a wizard creating an optical Illusion that appeared as if he were levitating.Im stumped as to he pulled this of , it must be sorcery!

I plan to start doing food reviews for some of Scotland's most famous restaurants and Edinburgh has some of the best in the country.

We have a handful of pizza places here that can compete with New York City's finest slices.

wmplayer 2020-09-09 11-49-45-43.jpg

The first place I checked out is Civerinos ,a family owned Italian restaurant with 3 locations throughout the city.I visited the location at Hunters Square which is right in the heart of the city.

The pizzas here are stonebaked .I went for a 14 inch pepperoni garnished with parsley which cost £12...

wmplayer 2020-09-09 11-49-34-03.jpg

The cocktail menu caught my attention and I went for a Death by classic daiquiri to wash the pizza down with and then grabbed a Civerinos Spritz Slush which was an orange flavored slush loaded up with Prosecco and Aperol which is an Italian orange and rhubarb flavored liqueur .

wmplayer 2020-08-18 13-21-45-02.jpg

wmplayer 2020-08-18 13-21-50-84.jpg

Armed with my Civerinos Orange Slush it was time to check out one of the most haunted places in all of Scotland Greyfriars Kirkyard.As we walk down the Royal Mile towards the kirkyard we passed the Whiskey trail , a place where you can try before you buy many rare whiskeys..:)

wmplayer 2020-09-09 11-50-26-18.jpg

Greyfriars cemetery has a lot of old graves some dating as far back as the early 1500s,many famous Scot's are buried here...

wmplayer 2020-09-09 11-55-41-02.jpg

The architecture of some of the graves from the 1600's is incredibly impressive .Some have intense weather damage that has worn away at them for centuries.

wmplayer 2020-09-09 11-51-56-84.jpg

wmplayer 2020-09-09 11-51-32-03.jpg

wmplayer 2020-09-09 11-52-29-62.jpg

wmplayer 2020-09-09 11-52-57-38.jpg

wmplayer 2020-09-09 11-53-42-32.jpg

One of the Kirkyards most notorious residents is George Mackenzie ,The Kings advocate who died in 1691.His ghost haunts the covenanters prison to this day and believe it or not the violent poltergeist activity this ghost causes is the reason the covenanters prison area is always locked of.You can only access this area as part of the city of the dead tour.

wmplayer 2020-09-09 11-57-13-45.jpg

(My father bravely stares into George MacKenzies crypt)
wmplayer 2020-09-09 11-54-57-88.jpg

(Narrating the history of The Covenanters prison)
wmplayer 2020-09-09 11-51-09-36.jpg

The Last Drop Tavern was our last stop where we collected our thoughts over our final drinks of the day.

wmplayer 2020-09-09 11-58-17-61.jpg

wmplayer 2020-09-09 11-57-48-43.jpg

So fill to me the parting glass , good night and joy be with you all!

wmplayer 2020-09-09 11-58-05-12.jpg

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