The STEEM chart looks like a rally in need of a catalyst

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The STEEM chart looks like all it needs is a push

Despite all of the drama these past few months STEEM continues to do something that many had not anticipated.

It continues to not die.

When much of the community left a couple months back many had prophesied a quick and painful death for the price of STEEM.

Except that has yet to happen, why is that?

I honestly have no idea but it has appeared someone or someone's have supported the price of STEEM for the last couple months unwilling to let it be pummeled by market forces.

Even now, in the midst of all the drama, STEEM looks like it is a spark away from a surge upwards:


It will be interesting to see what happens when Bittrex enables wallets again, if they enable wallets again, but as of right now many exchanges are opening back and up and the price is yet to crater.

Interesting times we are living in.

Stay informed my friends.



Thanks for the tip!

All I see is @jrcornel posting how much he has bought STEEM from Bittrex, but can't withdraw them because wallets are still disabled ;)

It can't be me, because I stopped using Bittrex when they increased minimum trade limit and moved to until it disabled support for STEEM... Now I'm just buying HIVE instead...