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It looks like STEEM may be about to make a nice move up

Looking at the charts, it looks like STEEM is finally ready to make a move.

It finally broke the upper end of the resistance channel it has mostly been stuck in for months now.

At least in terms of BTC.

Check it out:


Now that resistance level likely becomes support.

It's currently trading around $.23, which is a nice little move from the $.15 range it had been stuck in previously.

Where do you think we go next?

Stay informed my friends.



It would be nice to see Steem at 5k satoshi :)

Steem is going to make Hive look penny stock ;)

Why do you say that?

When it comes to Justin Sun, we know there is quite a lot of money involved... If they want to keep up giving free coins, they need quite a lot of accounts with shitload of Steem Power...

They already locked most if all of third-party accounts with a lot of Steem so those accounts can't overpower them and make them look like kindergarten children...

But what makes you think he is going to run it specifically?

Nothing happens on Steem blockchain without Justin's approval... He might not run the whole scheme alone, but he is still the one pulling strings...

Yes I get that and agree, but I mean what makes you think they are going to run the price of steem? And what makes you think they are going to run it so high that it goes even higher than another coin (that we shall not mention) went?

Steem is now a lot cheaper than what Hive is... Steem used to be worth a lot more than 1 USD. It's only natural that it goes back where it is... I'm pretty confident when I say that total amount of money Steem supporters can use to push the price up is more than what Hive supporters have.

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