Massive Protests Underway in major Cities around the World

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This thing is getting so much bigger than just a US story

What started out as a few protests and riots in select cities within the United States has quickly turned into something more, much more.

As I type there are massive protests taking place in the largest cities in the US:


With thousands upon thousands of people showing up at these things today.

More than just a U.S. thing...

We are now also seeing protests start popping up all over the world as well...

It's become much more than just a U.S. thing:


The good news is that many of these protests are becoming more peaceful in nature from what we saw early on.

More people are showing up but they violence is going down.

They are calling for reform...

Reform to the justice system, reform of politics, reform of the working class, and overall just a reform away from racism.

The interesting thing is that now bitcoin is also being called upon as a way to support the BLM movement and for reform.

How crazy would it be that what starts initially as a racial issue created the financial reform that many had been hoping would happen for decades...

Stay informed my friends.



BLM movement is actually feeding the racism... Instead of African-American people being the inferior race, result of BLM will be that Caucasian race will become the inferior... It's not just something that affects USA, as a lot of Asian people have ancestors who are African American, not forgetting hip hop movement is strong in Asia.

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