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Who wants to pick up a few more votes on STEEM?

The Steemit,Inc team announced a new initiative yesterday where they will be selecting at least 10 different posts to receive an upvote from a 1 million steem power account.

The only catch?

You have to take a picture from your window and then make a post about it. Make sure to use the tag #viewfrommywindow and then link your post at the bottom of the official announcement post, which can be seen here:

The specific guidelines from the announcement post can be seen here:


It sounds like this will be a weekly/daily initiative going forward, which means the possibility of earning extra votes continues each week.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out and how much participation there is going forward.

It already looks like it has increased slightly from their first one, which can be seen here:

For those that are looking for a few more votes on your post, give this a try!

Stay informed my friends.



Interesting development.

seems like a lottery ? lol haha...but hey, why not ?

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