BTC fun fact of the day...

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There is less than .5 BTC for every unemployed American

Here's a little fun fact for you on this Thursday afternoon...

Did you know that there is less than half a bitcoin available for every unemployed American that filed within the last 3 months for unemployment?

It's true...

Check this out:



The raw data:

  • 42.65M Unemployed Americans
  • 331M US Population (164.6M US Labor Force)
  • 21M Total BTC supply
  • 18.4M BTC in circulation at current (2.6M still to-be-mined)

18.4/42.6 = .43 BTC per

Considering the fact that they are all getting heft unemployment checks right now from both their local state government and also from the federal government as part of the coronavirus relief effort, some of these people may be able to pick up .43 BTC in the near future.

Either way, this goes to show how little BTC there actually is out there if everyone starts trying to buy some...

Stay informed my friends.