Any update on STEEM wallets?

in GEMS3 years ago

Looking like Binance and Bittrex STEEM wallets are both still down...

They have both been down since the last HF.

Any idea when they will be up and running again?

I remember reading something from Binance where it sounded like they would be opening up their wallets again in the near future...

In the meantime the MXC exchange looks like it has some decent liquidity for STEEM.

Stay informed my friends.



It's has been weirdly quite since last announcement by Binance CZ, not sure why the delay in opening up wallets. good to see there is decent liquidity for steem on Mxc.
I hope Binance and Bittrex opens up before end of week.

Situation All Fucked Up... enuff said..

Well Poloniex works.... converting to Bitcoin and moving to Atomic is no problem.

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