One Of The Important Things We MISS Out These Days AND an EASY Way To Regain it :) #peace

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Peace in mind.

Hello friends today I would like to some important funda which our life will be more beautiful and can have peace in in mind.


Specifically in this period when we are locked down ourselves, getting enough time, this is the time we should think in deep and concentrate ourselves to pin point what are the reasons that we are not in a state of peace in mind.
There are many reasons that disturbes us - thease are insecurity in future.

One thing is sure that future is uncertain, no one can predict future if that would happen we may not be confind ourselves within house for month long. So do not waste time to think about future on the other way we should enjoy and utilise present and keep ourselves healthy and mentally strong to face any situation which may arrive in future.
For physical health we have to take good food having nutrition value and for strong mental health we should do MEDITATION. Meditation not only helps to strengthen our mental condition but also all round development of personality, concentration, ability to take right, accurate, perfect and quick decision. It helps in professional life and domestic life.

This is all for today and like to continue on same topic in my next.
Thanking you all

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