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The mind is the indispensable tool for a life of profit, of fulfillment, regardless of the situation. Thinking positively but realistically, having the ability to adapt to different circumstances but without it meaning chaos, place, energetically nourish us with people who enjoy mental health, are basic things that we must always keep in mind.

Yes, that's right, it sounds very easy, but some people will think it's not, we're already starting off badly, making proposals of complications, it shouldn't be, to the mind we should fill it with good things, so that when processing those things it will be productive that comes out of it.



The possibilities of finding options that allow us to grow from all the points that we can imagine are always within the reach of our hands, of our eyes, but sometimes a black cloud, that we often put ourselves, does not allow us to see beyond.

Finding that point of balance where we can be at peace with ourselves and with our surroundings is crucial to leading a peaceful life.

That depends, of course, on what each person is looking for, because there are those who are looking for peace, tranquility, and surely they will behave in the search for that, how?, they will avoid entering certain environments that will take them away from that end, it would be logical. However, logic seems not to be present in everyone, and incoherence is present. Example:

Many are looking for wealth, material goods, and I don't question it, each one establishes his priorities, however, I ask: is it coherent that someone who pursues these ends only likes to get up at 11 in the morning, to be served everything, doesn't like to work and is afraid of risk?

Wow, I think something is wrong here.. and unfortunately it seems to be a reality in many. It simply becomes impossible under these parameters of life to achieve an end that "is pursued ", at least in my opinion..Don't you think so?

It's a reflection I wanted to share with anyone who likes to come by and read me.

Have a coherent day full of learning.

I say goodbye.



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